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HDTV News: Rehab condemns Israeli invasion of Lebanon

Ahmed Rehab condemns the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and discusses the effect of the war. Continue reading

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NBC 5: Ahmed Rehab Reacts to Israel’s Action in Lebanon

Ahmed Rehab expresses concern with Israel’s military action against Lebanon. Continue reading

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FOX News: Protest Against Israeli Bombing

Protests were held in the city of Chicago condeming the Israeli bombings of Lebanon and Palestine. [Video] Continue reading

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CBS 2: Rehab condemns Israeli-Lebanese War

Ahmed Rehab responds to the Israeli Lebanon conflict. [Video] Continue reading

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Israelis Are Guilty of Terrorism, Too

Israel has shown a tendency to abuse its military might, subjecting civilians to collective punishments time and again. Countries that fail to exercise appropriate self-restraint should be restrained by the world community. Israel’s right to defend itself does not give it the right to launch terror attacks against major civilian centers – not with our tax money. Continue reading

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Buying Enemies for U.S.

Since its formation in 1949, the state of Israel has cost U.S. taxpayers more than $130 billion. What merits this exorbitant spending on a foreign country that has one of the world’s highest per capital incomes? The often-parroted argument is that that Israel is a crucial ally in the war on terror. The truth is that for all the billions Israel has sapped from American taxpayers, it has given us nothing back but the resentment the victims of Israel’s military transgressions feel toward those who bankroll their oppressor.
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