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Media’s Self-Censorship Abets Gaza Atrocities

What will it take for our media to join much of the world in calling out the blatant human rights abuses committed by the Israeli military machine against the Palestinian people? Why do the media not hold Israel accountable for its brutal transgressions against civilians? Aren’t journalists supposed to act as a check against government excesses? If they turn a blind eye or act to whitewash human rights abuses, are they then not morally complicit? Continue reading

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‘Obsession,’ The Radical Right’s War On Islam

“Obsession” is not an honest critique of violent radicalism. Instead, it is a propaganda piece that seeks to cast a wide net of suspicion against Muslims by blurring the line between violent radicalism and mainstream Islam. As such, it does not call on credible experts and reputable scholars but resorts to shady characters like “former-terrorist” Walid Shoebat, who has made such outlandish statements as: “Islam is not the religion of God Islam is the devil.” Continue reading

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