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President Obama has so far exhibited unprecedented ambition on the part of a sitting US president to recalibrate the precepts of America’s relationship with Muslims around the world. My hope is that this means venturing beyond oil, conflict resolution and counter terrorism initiatives and into beginning to understand the genuine challenges and aspirations of most citizens in Muslim-majority countries. Continue reading

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Identity Insults And Democracy

I would have loved to hear McCain say: “No, ma’am, he is not an Arab or is he Muslim – and let’s not use ethnic or religious identity to determine who is American – that’s un-American.” This would have exhibited the courageous moral leadership and remind all Americans that bigotry and identity politics have no place in our democracy. Continue reading

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Farewell, America’s Imam

The American Muslim community mourns the passing of a historic figure who was crucial in the development of Muslim life in America. The Honorable Imam Warith Deen Mohammed was an African-American Muslim spiritual leader, reformer, educator, civil rights advocate, interfaith activist, and an international goodwill ambassador. He died Tuesday. Many will honor “America’s Imam” with services and tributes as the American Muslim community bids farewell to W.D.
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One Key Muslim Voice – Lost

This is a victory for the anti-pluralist forces who lurk in the anarchic shadows of the internet where they are at liberty to churn false allegations and conspiracy theories against a vulnerable American Muslim community. They wish to block its efforts to become politically involved alongside America’s other diverse communities, and instead wish to project it as a fifth column growing in our midst. Continue reading

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