A Perfect End to a Perfect Revolution: Massive Volunteer Clean-Up at Tahrir Square

After Mubarak’s resignation and the euphoric celebrations that lasted through the night and well into the next day, it is time to leave a place that will forever be etched in our memory and in our hearts.

Protesters are adamant to crown the success of the revolution by bowing out in style and leaving Tahrir Square cleaner than when we found it. A massive clean up campaign, the sort that is required after a million guests, was under way today: a perfectly civil end to a perfectly civil revolution.

Rather than picking up and going home, exhausted protesters organized themselves into armies of volunteers who picked up trash, put away debris, washed walls, and even painted.

This is the new Egypt: taking ownership of your country.

It is hard to part ways with Tahrir Square and it’s amazing community. More than a place of protest, it became a bastion of freedom that captured the imagination of the world.

Tahrir Square saw police violence against protesters, a Hollywood-style street battle between unarmed protesters and armed pro-Mubarak thugs; it saw prayer and dancing, weddings and funerals, and most of all the defiant chants of millions who traded shifts. For many, it became a home under the stars, a place where they cried for freedom by day and slept by night.

In Tahrir Square, a utopian community of selfless free men and women bound together by love for their country and each other and a common dream found the Egypt they had been searching for.

I will never forget the images, sounds, and smells of my days in Tahrir Square.

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3 Responses to A Perfect End to a Perfect Revolution: Massive Volunteer Clean-Up at Tahrir Square

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  2. WellWisher says:

    Egyptians made the Muslims proud (for the most part–ignoring the nationalistic sentiments :) ! Kudos to the people of Egypt!

    That nicely wrapped lady in the background looks so serene and joyous. Ah…SubhanAllah!

    After such display of loyalty, your ‘American-ness’ is going to be seriously questioned by Mox news correspondents. Are you ready?

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