Internet Sociopath Robert Spencer Wants to Debate Me

Robert Spencer

Spencer is the small one on the right

These days, the internet is booming with shady characters raking up big bucks in the Bash-and-Cash Islamophobia business.

One such person is an individual by the name of Robert Spencer who runs an amateurish website by the name of

Spencer claims to be a scholar of Islam, Islamic Law, and Theology but holds no degrees in any of those subjects and has never even published a single peer-reviewed paper. Actual scholars see him as something of a joke.

Spencer is actually an anti-Muslim advocate with no interest or capacity for objective scholarship. He spends his time cherry-picking the internet for evil acts or bad behavior by Muslims (whether they do it in the name of Islam or not) and then laundry listing them as representative of normative Islam. That’s all he does, day-in day-out, same exact procedure.

The fake scholar has built up a cultist presence on his blog that acts as an echo chamber of gullible angry people who believe anything their little leader tells them.

Now comes the humor. Apparently this guy heard me on the Michael Medved show earlier today where I disagreed with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for storming off the stage during a debate with Bill O’Reilly. It is something I would not do. Spencer who had invited me to a debate before, ran to his blog and put up a piece complaining that if that is the case then how come I “ran away” from debating him.

Surfing through, it doesn’t take much to figure out that Spencer is an odd fellow. His rhetoric ranges between the sensational, the simplistic, the superficial, and in many cases the delusional (such as in this case). yet still, until today, I thought he was smarter than that.

Apparently Spencer does not know the difference between storming off from a debate, and never gracing the debate with your presence in the first place.

Spencer, I never agreed to debate you in the first place, and it is highly unlikely that I ever will. If I did for some odd reason, I assure you I would stomach your delusional diatribes throughout the length of the debate and not storm off.

I have debated people in the right wing. So Spencer is probably wondering why I am ignoring him? Well, it’s pretty simple really.

There needs to be three criteria present for me to actively want to set up a formal debate with you:

1. That I disagree with you. (Why would I want to debate someone I agree with?) Spencer Check.
2. That you are a reasonable individual who is a truth-seeker. Spencer Fail.
3. That I respect you. Spencer Fail.

Debating people who are divorced from reason and for whom I have no respect is a waste of my time. So Spencer will just have to keep telling himself it is because he is so wonderfully right that I am afraid to debate him. He can conveniently ignore the fact that I have debated many people from the right that are actually famous for doing something and that are much more formidable opponents.

But wait, there’s more comedy: In order to convince me to debate him, Spencer decides to give us a preview of the deep intellectual skills he is capable of and that I would have to look forward to. Those skills consist of:

1. An allegation that I wear lipstick and eyeshadow.
2. A surprisingly immature “na na na” school yard song (that he apparently thinks is so clever).

I am serious folks. This is real. Now, does that sounds like the sort of respectable scholar you would run to debate? More like a creepy overgrown child desperate for attention.

And now for some irony. Spencer, you are claiming you are ready to debate anyone but that alas no one wants to debate you because no one can. But, is this actually true? Does the name Danios of Loonwatch ring a bell Spencer? You may be burying your head in the sand hoping no one will notice, but a simple Google search on “Robert Spencer debate” reveals your hypocrisy. How come you are ignoring an invitation from another blogger who has challenged you numerous times and whose articles shredding your arguments to pieces are all over the web without a peep of a rebuttal from you? Are you conceding defeat? Are you “running away?”

For the full monty on this sociopath, visit

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15 Responses to Internet Sociopath Robert Spencer Wants to Debate Me

  1. t says:

    lipstick and eyeshadow !? Is He Saying u have nice eyes and lips, He is such a F@G ! For Some people its best to ignore them if not they become a negative distraction.

  2. sam says:

    Man, I would love to see you two guys go at it, but then again, I doubt there would be any intellectual debate. But then again, I would not mind to see you shut Robert Spencer up for Good.

  3. Salem says:

    Robert sounds like a nobody that wants to be a somebody, thanks for your wisdom in not letting him get the credibility he does not deserve. Let him go debate someone else who stoops to his lipstick and songwriting fetishes.

  4. Johann P says:

    This man is a sad sad soul, I read his blog and I find it no differnet than, it’s the exact same self-righteous rants that are supposedly rooted in history, facts, science, cosmology, blalalology etc… but really is bullcrap

  5. J Vanessa de St-Blanquat says:

    So why did you waste a whole page, and the time, writing about it? Is that not back-biting?

  6. Ahmed Rehab says:

    As I said, Spencer does not know the difference between storming off from a debate, and never gracing the debate with your presence in the first place. Does it upset you that I called him out on his confusion?

    And how is it back-biting? If it is back-biting, then how did you read it? This is a public page on the internet that anyone can read including Spencer. I have no doubt he will. That’s why I wrote it.

  7. Slothbo says:

    Wow, the comments on Spencer’s blog piece about you…they are sooooo lame! The sense of humor of the people that visit that craphole of a site is not much better than Spencer’s. It’s painfully unfunny, the only funny thing is that they actually think they are funny. Reading those comments is like being a fly on the wall of a bunch of old, retired, socially-awkward rejects. It’s official, jihadwatch: where all the washed-up misfits go to find each other. They should have a romantic commercial for them like Wow.

  8. haters_R_losers says:

    What is this guy living under a rock? has already refuted Spencer’s key arguments. What is there left to debate?

  9. Sayid K says:

    lol @ Slothbo!

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  11. Matt Darrick says:

    Spencer is a sad sad sad man. He is over the hill and out of touch with reality. Reading the obliviousness of his writings is like watching Christine O’Donnell answer a question on the Constitution.

    Another point, Spencer’s work has been thoroughly destroyed and thrown, to quote Reza Aslan, in the “trash bin of history.” No need to debate the fake scholar, or as his former buddy in crime Andrew Bostom labeled him, “the little king.”

    Spencer should retire and collect his pension from the Horowitz fund.

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  14. menj says:

    Islamophobes like Spencer are just seeking attention and were it not for the fact that his virulent cesspool of a site is being linked heavily, I think he would have faded into oblivion eventually.

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