Egypt: Where to Go From Here?

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It’s a mixed bag in Egypt right now with some developments that call for disappointment, and others that call for hope.

New Government Scandal – Already

The 24-hour long violent attacks by “pro-Mubarak” thugs against peaceful pro-democracy protesters in Tahrir Square amid a total absence of security – coupled with government inaction – do not bode well for the current regime.

It is unlikely that Mubarak, a seasoned politician, authorized such primitive politically-naive action. It is improbable that the newly appointed government leadership was involved. It is highly likely however that elements in the ruling Democratic National Party (DNP) were involved. Either way, the fact that it happened, and that it went on for so long with the government failing to send in security forces, ambulances, or even so much as a timely public statement, indicates that the failures of the old guard system still plague us.

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