Egypt: Change Must Come, Chaos Must Not

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For me, this is the most important piece I have written since I have pushed for democracy and freedom in Egypt. I believe that what I am about to write is shared by many honorable Egyptians.

This is not about Mubarak.  This is not about el Baradei. This is not about punishing anyone or awarding anyone.  This is much bigger than any one person or party. This is about reforming Egypt’s system of government. This is about the separation and independence of parliament and the judiciary from the executive branch and each other.  This is about making the law supreme above and beyond whoever happens to command special powers or special interests.  This is about ending corruption, incompetence, apathy, political monopoly and suppression of freedoms. This is about reclaiming the dignity of the Egyptian citizens. This is about transforming Egypt into a society that embraces political transparency and accountability, fair competition, merit, and opportunity.  This is first and foremost about Egypt, a country we all love and cherish.

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