An Egyptian Woman’s Message for America

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By Neveen Abdalla

If you’re offended, it probably applies to you.

I can’t talk out loud right now. If I begin to talk, I will yell, and volume only works if you’re among the agitators in the Tea Party.

But right now I am outraged. I am outraged by the ridiculousness of many in the American Media, and I am particularly outraged at a significant chunk of average Americans.

A revolution started in Egypt on January 25th, and you didn’t care because American Idol was on.

People stormed the streets in protest of police brutality, and you didn’t watch it because SportsCenter was on.

While people demanded their right to choose their own government, you were choosing your next hair color.

When people begged to be heard, you put on your headphones and listened to Wakka Flocka Flame.

America, you have disappointed me. You have broken my heart.

You are so far removed from the American Revolution, Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights movement, or any other thing that had to be fought for, that you don’t give a damn about anyone else. Many of you don’t even know your own history, and you don’t give a damn about anyone else’s future.

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