Storming Cairo for Freedom: A First Hand Experience

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I am dictating this report from my home in a Cairo suburb over a landline to my assistant in Chicago. It seems that it is the only way to get the word out from under the clutches of a rogue Egyptian government that has no respect for freedoms. Since yesterday, Mubarak’s ex-government has done the unthinkable and disabled the Egyptian peoples ability to communicate amongst themselves and the outside world, having shut down access to the internet, mobile phones, and landlines in the entire country, in anticipation of wide street protests Friday (the landlines just opened up).

Today was a day, the likes of which I have never witnessed and probably will never witness again.

Dubbed “Rage Friday,” Egyptians took to the streets in massive numbers all over Cairo, Alexandria, and several other cities around the country directly calling for a regime change. Until recently, while the government tolerated a certain degree of freedom of speech, criticism of Egypt’s 30-year despot Hosny Mubarak was unimaginable; those who tried faced swift retribution by the government in one form or another.

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