FOX, O’Reilly Factor: Rehab Debates O’Reilly on Whether We Have a “Muslim Problem”

Ahmed Rehab challenges Bill O’Reilly’s notion that there is a “Muslim Problem” in the world, and that mainstream Muslims are not doing enough to fight extremism.

[Ahmed Rehab FOX, O'Reilly Factor Original Link]

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5 Responses to FOX, O’Reilly Factor: Rehab Debates O’Reilly on Whether We Have a “Muslim Problem”

  1. Shadi says:

    O’Reilly always has to say something that just highlights his ignorance: “Muslim Problem”. Ahmed you did a good job in pointing that out. By the way, someone needs to lower the volume on his voice.

  2. Brian says:

    O’Reilly says you can get the last word, but he always gets the last word. Ahmed, I love how you corrected the record in the beginning of the clip. Shut these bigots up.

  3. Mjo says:

    You kept up with his tone, didn’t flinch, and he gave you respect. No wonder the far right is going nuts

  4. Rahime says:

    Its amazing how O’Reily never talks about how many good muslims have lost their lives during these wars. Because you are a representative of Muslims, its seems always they tend to blame you for other countries behaviour. I liked the way he danced around every thing you tried to say and make it look like you were the one not answering his questions. The amazing part is how much they don’t want you to say anything that shows muslims in a positive way. I noticed this with the last video here. Each one, O’Reily and the other just kept getting louder and louder and whenever you or someone else had a good answer he would try to shut you up. Hang in there brother you’re doing a wonderful job. Alhamdulilah!

  5. M.A says:

    O’Reilley needs to search up who started Taliban to begin with. How many of the muslim extremists has US funded for their OWN benefit? Divide and conquer? Aint that pretty eh? I’m sorry – but deal with the monsters you created.