FOX Business: Ahmed Rehab debates Islamophobe Pamela Geller on Park51

Ahmed Rehab deconstructs Pamela Geller’s fear mongering misinformation campaign against the Park51 community center in New York and exposes her anti-Muslim bigotry.

[Ahmed Rehab FOX Business Original Link]

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5 Responses to FOX Business: Ahmed Rehab debates Islamophobe Pamela Geller on Park51

  1. Joe says:

    Damn dude. Good job! She got so angry mumbling and repeating ‘Hamas’ and ‘CAIR’, she needs to get an emergency facelift. You and Beckel have really exposed this charlatan who makes a living off of hatred and ignorance.

  2. M says:

    Hey Ahmad. Great work.
    Just a point though.

    You really should bring up next time, the fact that Pam Geller is a Genocide denier, because of her denail regarding the Bosnian Genocide, her support of Radovan Karadicz and Milosovic

    Also, please use this link below for future reference about more of Pam Geller’s hatred and bigotry towards Muslims. Its very detailed

    She needs to be exposed for what she is. She comes on tv falsely claiming she loves muslims etc when the reality is she is nothing more than a fascist hate-monger and Zionist Supremacist who supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  3. Adnane says:

    I find it unfortunate that many Muslims have adopted using the term “Moderate” Muslims to somehow justify that they’re good people and to score points with the media perhaps. Mr. Rehab is using the term more than once. Technically there is no term as “moderate Muslim”. Moderate about what? you’re either a Muslim doing the best you can out of your day like the neighbor next door; or you’re disturbed in which case no matter which religion you subscribe to you’re going to eventually do something bizerk and ruin it for yourself and others with the help of Pamela Geller likes.

  4. Viroacid says:

    Pamela Geller is always painful to listen to, she reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West. “I’ll get you my Muslims”. The other guy is lost, there is no such thing as Wahhabism only Salafism, America worries me, they have Nukes and are the only ones who have used WMD’s as a weapon before.

  5. RiBukhari says:

    Hey, i know im late but im doing a 10-12 research paper on ground zero mosque freedom of religion… anyways dude u made this old lady shut-up like fo reals lol she didnt know wat to say and the other ppl seemed racist as well. she laughed when u said the bin laden part as if it was funny and they cut u off when u said the atlasshrugs lol
    its good we got that mosque now we can spit in their faces :D