Huffington Post, Ahmed Rehab: Tea Party Reveals Real Reason Behind Mosque Opposition Frenzy

In the public sphere, leaders of the opposition groups to the Not-At-Ground-Zero-Muslim-Center can’t seem to decide on an argument. They have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at us in the way of fabricated reasons.

First, they tried the “legal” route. When it became apparent that American Muslims had a constitutionally guaranteed right to religious, cultural, and communal services in lower Manhattan just like everyone else, they invoked the “sensitivity to the 9/11 families” line.

When it was argued that there is nothing insensitive about Muslims with no connection to 9/11 establishing a center two blocks away (unless you assume collective guilt), and that Muslims died in the Twin Towers, too, they tried to smear the center’s imam as a radical.

When it was revealed that imam Feisal’s 37-year track record was so consistently antithetical to radicalism that it earned him the “moderate model imam” accolade from this administration, the Bush administration, the FBI, and the New York interfaith community, they tried the “sacred ground” argument.

When it was revealed that the center was not actually “at” Ground Zero and that there were offices, delis, dollar stores, bars, and a strip club in the same vicinity that no one was taking issue with for being on sacred ground, they tried the foreign funding route.

When it was revealed that the imam has no intention of receiving funding from foreign governments or groups, or even individuals with a less-than-stellar reputation, they tried the sensitivity route again.

It seems that they just can’t decide on the public strategy to keep Park51 from taking its rightful place among Manhattan’s blossoming diversity.

Privately, however, there seems to be little such confusion. The reasons there are given clearly, and it turns out it is precisely what many of us have argued all along: opposition organizers are motivated by an ideological belief that “Islam is evil and must be stopped; America is Judeo-Christian.”

That’s it.

That is the undisguised rallying cry on the private email listservs, the blogs, and the viral youtube videos administered by the right-wing oppositional leadership. On the prime time networks, they openly lie to the American people about harboring an anti-Muslim agenda, perhaps wishing to avoid being exposed for their religious intolerance.

Not for long.

Check out the uber-creepy Tea Party email below, released by no less than

In it, the Tea Party folks argue that America is exclusively “Judeo-Christian” and that Islam should be “expelled from our shores.”

And that’s just for starters.

The rest of the email displays a fundemental disdain for a pluralistic America and reveals chilling levels of Islamophobia and hatemongering.

It poses the freakish question: “Will ‘blanket tolerance’ be the downfall of the Judaic/Christian basis of the American society?”

It quotes select passages from of the Quran out of context, a game that can just as easily be played with the Torah or the Bible.

It then suggests to its members that Muslims at large — not terrorists, mind you, but Muslims at large — plan for the “complete annihilation of the west,” for “our demise,” for “our destruction,” and that they are “working dilligently” to “celebrate the day America will be no more.” It warns that “the United States Judaic/Christian roots are being ‘God Shocked,’” and wonders if “the courts should hand down a litmus test” for religions before they are “expelled from our shores.”

So let me ask you again? Do you still think that the sudden rise in anti-mosque hysteria is really about sacred ground? Sensitivities to 9/11 victims? Funding sources?

Or is it about the rise of an ideological anti-Islam movement and the desire to curb, if not outlaw, religious freedoms for Muslims?

What would it take to wake the media up, if not this blatant piece of evidence? Will the media now pay attention? Is it remotely interested in the facts that are practically smacking it in the face? Where is the FOX News coverage of everything “Mosque at Ground Zero,” the same FOX News that desperately scrutinizes Imam Feisal’s every utterance in the hope of unearthing a controversial statement? Laura Ingraham, are you listening?

Tea Party – Truth Behind 911 Mosque mass email

The American people find articulating their concern over the proposed Mosque near the sight of the 911 attacks problematic. On one hand, many view the First Amendment a shield of protection for religious freedom, on the other hand, some view the First Amendment as providing a haven for religions with a hostile political agenda wrapped in cleric’s robes.

Is it any wonder that there is so much confusion on this matter? Most Citizens of the United States have never experienced the driving and all consuming force of a Theocratic government with its crushing Theo-political tenet.

The American religious experience is the usual Sunday morning ‘hymn singing’; passing the offering plate, an off tempo choir and the occasional neighborhood revival. The ‘Church supper and bake sale mentality’ gives way to a much colder and more formidable view of religious practices, which are not only unfamiliar, but also antithetical to the ‘Sunday Go To Meeting’ crowd.

The United States Judaic/Christian roots are being ‘God Shocked’ by the concept that a religion can and does demand world domination by any means, including violence if necessary.

The Koran states: Sura 61:9 He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad) hate (it). (Hilali and Khan, The Noble Qur’an, Riyadh: Darussalam, 1996)

Allah’s Messenger said: “By Him (Allah) in Whose Hand my soul is, surely the son of Mary [Isa (Jesus)] will shortly descend amongst you people (Muslims), and will judge mankind justly by the Law of the Quran (as a just ruler) and will break the Cross and kill pigs and abolish the Jizyah [a tax] ….” (Bukhari 3:2222) .

The growing confusion among Ministers and their Congregations over the nature of legitimate Islamic worship and the practice of Taqiyya[1] is causing serious questions regarding the constitutionally protected practice of religion, if that religion is detrimental to the welfare and domestic tranquility of the very nation whose constitution protects it.

The emerging question is: Should the first amendment protect the practice of a religion which has a hostile political agenda wrapped in cleric’s robes? Should the U.S. Constitution protect a religion whose focus is converting the United States from a Democratic Republic into a Theocracy lead by religious cleric’s who are antithetical to what made this nation great and what keeps it great? Is this the change America should have or needs?

How can the Citizenry demarcate a concept which holds the well established fact that millions of the Islamic faith have called for a Holy Jihad and thereby demand the complete annihilation of the west? Yet, this same Citizenry is expected to open their arms to that very same religion, welcoming them as friends, protecting them with the same Constitutional protection Synagogues and Churches have enjoyed for over 234 years.

To make matters worse, this same Citizenry is expected to grant permission to build a Mosque on American hallowed ground, thereby, offering sanctuary and worship for the same religion which was instrumental in the 911 attacks.

Will it become necessary for the courts to hand down a litmus test for religion? If a religion passes the litmus test, then and only then that religion is welcome and protected?

However, if the religion in question fails the litmus test… will that be reason enough to expel the failed theological expression from our shores?

Should ‘We The People” give haven to religions whose main purpose it to install a system of Theo-political colonization? Shall the American people welcome with open arms a religion having untold millions of members demanding the beheading of western infidels? Shall the People of America grant safe haven to those who cheerfully work for the day Israel, the United States and all other non-Islamic states are finally eradicated off the face of the earth?

These bothersome questions are not ones of religious rights, but rather of the will of the people. Will the people tolerate everything?

Will ‘blanket tolerance’ be the downfall of the Judaic/Christian basis of the American society?

Is there nothing which will compel We The People to stand up and say: “It stops here and no further,” shall this be America’s crucifixion?

Or, shall the American people create a feathered bed for all those who plan our demise, who work diligently for our destruction and for those who will celebrate the day America will be no more.

Stephen Eichler J.D.

America’s Legal Analyst

[1] The practice of precautionary dissimulation whereby believers may conceal their faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion.

[Ahmed Rehab Huffington Post Original Link]

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7 Responses to Huffington Post, Ahmed Rehab: Tea Party Reveals Real Reason Behind Mosque Opposition Frenzy

  1. James says:

    The real problem seems to be religious fanaticism. Of course, Christians have spilled more blood than any other religious group, all in the name of their fake sky god. At the same time, Muslim’s practice a backward, primitive religion, and there is a threat whether or not you see it. I don’t want what is happening in Europe today to happen in the United States tomorrow. Muslims use the freedoms of civilized countries to complain about those same freedoms and they treat women like dirt. Islam, Christianity, and ALL other religions are fraudulent in the first place. They couldn’t be further from spirituality. Their main function is control. Any group that wishes to poison the mind of children from birth, or convert people from behind the point of a knife, shows how false the doctrine they spread really is. Many Muslim nuts believe they have a choice between converting you or killing you. Why shouldn’t they? After all, its in their holy book of lies. The day that all religion is recognized as the disgusting mind virus that it actually is and is subsequently eradicated will be a day to celebrate.

    Do you know why scientists don’t gather on Sunday to worship and affirm their belief in gravity? It is because the truth does not require belief. The truth is there for all people, and it doesn’t depend on where you are born or who your parents are. All of you who are Christians would be Muslims if you were born into a Muslim community, and all of you that are Muslims would be Christians if you were born into a Christian community. Idiots.

  2. Jack says:

    The irony of the Teaparty’s argument is thick enough to nail to the cross. They are crying theocracy to use as a argument to (also ironically) “expel the infidels” from American soil. Yet they see no problem with asserting their own religious views when it comes to governing. Someone please tell them that not everyone in America is stupid enough to be riled into a frenzy from stories of religious extremists hellbent to overthrow our great country. As far as I’m concerned they are just as dangerous of extremists as any other “foreign” ones.

    The problem is that there is a generation in power that grew up during the Cold War era that can be manipulated to the whims of the true American elites (the wealthy) by simply crying “socialism” at everything the wealthy see as restricting their power. These same people, who a vast majority have backgrounds in the agriculture industry, fail to equate their important government subsidies with the socialism they were bred to fear. Never mind that labor unions built America, and the regulations they want to rid themselves of are responsible for their way of life. I fear that another generation is being indoctrinated to behave the same way at the very mention of “terrorism.” Which can be used as an excuse to invade any country that US Companies seek to control.

    It is unnerving how many people can still get away with the platform of America as a Christian nation, and how irresponsible the Media and even local pastors are for letting this idea exist. Perhaps the education system is to blame, since I can’t remember more than a sentence on the separation of church and state anytime before college. Either way, ignorance is dangerous, and creating fear to further ones one goals is irresponsible. We’ll see what happens when irresponsible leadership and ignorance mix.

    Good Luck

  3. m says:

    Much of what the TeaParty Letter says is factual; but they are grossly contradicting themselves with their stand on the mosque, and it’s almost hilarious that they are stupid enough not to notice. It’s too bad they can’t realize the hatred of their own religion; which is basically identical to that of Islam, for the most part. The Tea Party and the Christian organization in America, want a Christian American Theocracy; controlling what kids learn in school is, that is, an education that contradicts science is a good start. Christians want a one religion paradise just as much as muslims do, and they know how it will come about and are quite pleased themselves. I find it sickening.

  4. m says:

    sorry for the typos.

  5. erica aisha says:

    We’ve certainly seen more fall out here in Portland toward our community, but after the recent events here. The backlash makes it obvious that people feel this disdainful of Islam.

    Thanks for your commentary.

  6. Leonard A Schneider says:

    “The emerging question is: Should the first amendment protect the practice of a religion which has a hostile political agenda wrapped in cleric’s robes? Should the U.S. Constitution protect a religion whose focus is converting the United States from a Democratic Republic into a Theocracy lead by religious cleric’s who are antithetical to what made this nation great and what keeps it great? Is this the change America should have or needs?”

    Right back at ya, tea party!

  7. dan says:

    Humans see god through a glass darkly. Is it a shadow? a flash of color? or are we only looking at ourselves? Who knows?

    Our natures are violent; that is what has allowed us to survive as a species. Our minds are not prepared or adapted to understand god. Every man must ultimately find the truth for himself. Religion can guide, but it is not in itself the truth.

    A mosque in NYC? Near the site of the WTC? Why not, if these are peaceable people. Muslims have created incredible art and architecture. Imagine what a mosque might bring to the center of NYC. Fear of that which is different from one’s own limited experience is not a reasonable basis for making the decision, especially when that decision deprives others of the liberty to seek god in their own way.