WYCC: Ahmed Rehab Discusses the War on Terror and National Security

WYCC | Beyond the Beltway


“I think the real question is not whether we should use the term “war” or not, but who is this war against. And that is what Obama and others have been struggling to articulate…. In the past we’ve heard that we are at war with “Radical Islam”, but “Radical Islam” is a concept, and you cannot go to war with a concept. You can go to war against a people or an entity and that is where Al-Qaeda comes in. So President Obama was correct in stating that we are at war with Al Qaeda, and I would add other imitation groups like Al Qaeda,” said Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director.


This show aired on 01/10/2010

[Ahmed Rehab WYCC Original Link]

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One Response to WYCC: Ahmed Rehab Discusses the War on Terror and National Security

  1. Mark N says:

    What is a concept ? Historically speaking, haven’t people adhered to (and died for) “concepts” in the past ? Religion, patriotism, family values, these are all concepts. Are suicide bombers not dying for their beliefs (or concepts) ?

    It would appear that millions do in fact adhere to the extreme tenets found within that belief system “Radical Islam.” As such, there are men and women, waking, eating, breathing and speaking who do fall in for this sort of thing. Have they not become the face of Radical Islam, intentionally or otherwise ? And therefore, why can (or should) they not be identified, rejected and eliminated by those who fear them ?